Setting up Competitors

RankTrackr provides an ability to set up your competitors to easily monitor their search rankings and compare them with yours. Adding competitors to your websites or URLs will not affect the total number of tracked keywords.

Setting up a Competitor

To add a competitor, follow the next steps:

  1. Open the website tab by clicking on a domain (or URL),
  2. Click "Competitors" button in the top-right side under the domain,
  3. In the modal window: enter the domains of your competitors,
  4. Click "Save."

To activate and see the competitor data, follow the next steps:

  1. Click on a pencil icon on a column of a website where added competitors,
  2. In the bottom of the list you will see the competitors name, and choose one of its dimensions:
    1. Rank,
    2. Last change or
    3. Day / Week / Month change.

Make sure that you wait for 1 day before you try to access the competitors data (as RankTrackr will need to do another crawl to start tracking competitors).

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