Creating reports

RankTrackr provides a simple way to export data to simple or detailed CSV files or a PDF reports.

A simple report is only an overview of current rankings, while an extended report contains historical data and graph for each selected keyword.

Creating a report

You can create a report for a single keyword or for a specified website's keywords. To create a report, follow the next steps:

  1. Click on the action menu (arrow down) on the keyword or website row,
  2. Choose "Export Data",
  3. In the modal window, choose the date interval and report format,
  4. Click "Export" and report will be generated.

Choosing a subset of keywords

You can choose the keywords you want to include in the report by holding Shift or Ctrl button on the keyword and selecting the desired keywords.

Before you export data

Before you create a report, make sure that the keywords you are trying to export have been added for more than 1 day and have data to show; otherwise, a report will appear empty.

You can also check option "Select only keywords added in the selected interval" which will exclude the keywords that don't have any data in the specified export interval.

White-label reports

We also provide the ability to customize the logo (to your company's or client's logo) on the reports for users who have white-label features enabled on their account. White-label functionality is supported on Pro and Custom plans by default.

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