Organizing URLs in Dynamic Groups

Dynamic Groups provide an advanced organizational and filtering possibilities based on URL and keyword characteristics. It is an easy and flexible way to pull out keywords or URLs that match certain criteria.

Some examples of virtual groups would be:

  • See the keywords that are ranking top 10 results and have search volume greater than 3,000,
  • See all URLs that contain /blog in the tracking URL,
  • See all keywords that are tracked in "New York" and have local search volume greater than 10,000.

Pretty useful, right?

Creating a Virtual Group

To create a virtual group, follow the next steps:

  1. Click "Add group" in the bottom-left corner of the sidebar,
  2. Choose "Virtual group" and enter the group name in the modal window,
  3. Define the URLs and keyword matching conditions,
  4. Click "Save" to create the virtual group.

After that, RankTrackr will automatically pull out the keywords and URLs that match the defined conditions.

You can always change criteria and filters to change the contents of a dynamic group.

Here is a video in which we demonstrate the process:

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