Frequently asked questions

How often does RankTrackr refresh rankings?

RankTrackr automatically refreshes rankings daily as per SEO industry standard. Due to the high accuracy mode that we support, multiple daily refreshes and on-demand updates are proved to be unnecessary.

What is the search depth that RankTrackr scans?

By default, we track top 100 results, but we also support tracking top 200 results. To enable this mode, please get in contact with us.

Does RankTrackr provide search volume data?

Yes, RankTrackr provides search volume data (both local and global) from Google Adwords as well as estimated CPC. You can see search volume data by customizing one of your columns.

How are keywords counted in RankTrackr?

The total number of keywords that come with each plan are limited on the account basis, not on the URL basis. Besides, each keyword that you add with its own location or mobile/desktop settings counts as an individual keyword.

Do you provide any discounts?

We provide 2 free months on yearly plans as well as on custom plans. 

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