Subscribing, upgrading, and downgrading

To subscribe, upgrade, or downgrade your plan, follow the next steps:

  1. Log in to your account and click "Upgrade Plan" in the navigation bar,
  2. Click "Subscribe" button on the desired plan,
  3. Fill in your billing details and finalize your subscription.

The total number of keywords that come with each plan are limited on the  account  basis, not on the URL basis. Besides, each keyword that you add with its own location or mobile/desktop settings counts as an individual keyword.

For monthly plans, your pro-rate will be refunded automatically according to a number of days left of your previous subscription. For yearly plans, your pro-rate will be recalculated according to your new plan and added to extend your subscription.

Subscribing to a custom plan

If you need more than 1000 keywords and/or you have any special requirements that go beyond our regular plans, send us an email to and we will set up a custom plan for you.

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