How does RankTrackr work?

RankTrackr uses some unique mechanisms in the background that assure the highest possible accuracy for rank tracking on all global and local levels.

The main 3 concepts that we use in order to provide such accuracy are:

  • Closest access point allocation,
  • Simulating the location and user,
  • Search settings options.

Closest access point allocation

When you add a keyword for rank tracking, RankTrackr looks up and allocates an access point closest to the Google data-center, according to the keyword's location setting. This approach ensures that there are no anomalies in ranking information that can happen due to latency in synchronization between different Google data centers.

Simulating the location and user

After the closest access point is determined, RankTrackr simulates a real user with exact location settings using GPS coordinates and without historical information that could affect the personalization of search results. To add another layer of stealth prudence, we access and parse the search engine response in authentic javascript mode.

Search settings options

RankTrackr provides accessing information with 100 per page results setting by default, following the SEO industry standard. 

As well, we offer custom subscriptions with premium search setting (10 results per page) and options with 200 results search depth. If you are interested in custom search setting options, send us an email to, and we will provide you with a quote and set up a custom plan for you.

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